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Nick White boasts a celebrity client roster that includes

John Cena, Ryan Reynolds, three-time Cy Young Winner Max Scherzer, NBA star John Wall, UFC World Champion Jon 'Bones' Jones, YouTube celebrity Logan Paul, among others

Logan Paul

Logan Paul Play

Vice President Cheney

Vice President Cheney Play
"This is my dog, Billie. Before Nick White intervened, Billie was spitting acid at Sigourney Weaver and haunting the dreams of priests. Now she's a leash-free, stress-free, fur covered badass. And a certified general accountant."
Ryan Reynolds
James L.

This has completely changed our lives!

James L.

We adopted a dog that had been abandoned and while house broken, had absolutely no manners. It was impossible to even walk him, he was very reactive, barking at everything and everyone. His jumping knocked down the kids and he regularly dashed out the front door and would not come to our calls. In two short weeks we had a dog that was trained to come when called, sit, stay, place, heel, and down on command yet was still the playful puppy with all of his personality.

Kelly M.

The very best investment in our family.

Kelly M.

Our pup, while lovable, was 75 pounds of energy, strength, and no manners. He destroyed our sofa in a matter of moments. He was easily distracted and pulled the leash so hard that I face-planted, multiple times, while trying to walk him. It was so bad that I stopped taking him on real walks and would only let him out in our yard so as to avoid encounters with other people and dogs. The change has been remarkable: Not only can my little guy hold the leash, but we regained a sense of peace in our home. Asher now lies down near us while we are eating. We enjoy our walks together!

Helder D.

Impressive results that can’t be overlooked!

Helder D.

I must say, I am thoroughly impressed with the results achieved! Bernie's heel command has improved significantly, making walks more enjoyable experience for both parties. Furthermore, his sit and stay durations have increased remarkably.

Bernie's house manners have also shown a great improvement, with his ability to stay in "place" for extended periods of time, indicating his increased focus and discipline. Additionally, Bernie's recall works extremely well, as his ability to come when called was evident during his time at the dog park.

More Testimonials

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After two weeks with Nick and his staff my dog is AMAZING!!!

He was a hard-headed puppy. He's working off leash now - every command I give him, he's following the directions!

NFL Pro-Bowler DeAngelo Hall

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We're going home with this dog who now knows how to do unbelievable things!

We really cannot believe what just happened. They were available during the training and after the training was over if we had any questions!

Gabby & Ariel

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If anyone is thinking about bringing their dog, just do it. Don't even think about it!

He was once a wild, rambunctious little puppy. He spent two weeks here and came back a grown man!


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This has given me the opportunity to get closer with my dog!

We asked for "In Home" training. We are now a success, he no longer runs away!